Where does the name Round Table Racing come from?

Round Table Racing Director Bruce Slade named the company after the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The Round Table ensures everyone has equal say and involvement, while King Arthur and his Knights ruled under the Code of Chivalry with virtues of honour and courtesy. Chivalry is of course derived from the French term chevalerie meaning horse soldiery through gallantry and service to others. Under this Code Knights vowed to be loyal, generous, truthful and respectful. All the qualities mentioned above are important to the spirit in which business is conducted by RTR.

Further, Bruce’s father’s name was Arthur so there is also a close personal connection to the name. Round Table was of course the name of American Hall of Fame racehorse, the bay stallion considered the greatest American turf horse of all time. He won 43 races, 14 in track record time along with a world record and two US records. Round Table went on to be a Champion sire and he is still seen in international pedigrees to this day, predominantly through AP Indy in America, and Sir Tristram and his descendants Zabeel and Lonhro in Australia.

What race day silks do Round Table Racing horses wear?

Round Table Racing’s silks/colours are registered as: black with a gold cap, collar and pom pom. The colours are very distinctive and can be easily sighted during a race.

What entitlements do racehorse owners have with Gai:

Full racehorse ownership entitlements include:

  • Registered owners and name in the race book
  • Free racecourse entry, Members Reserve entry, mounting yard entry
  • Post race drinks and finger food in designated owners room – hopefully the winning one
  • Stable visits to Tulloch Lodge to see your horse, meet your partners and a face to face update on your horse’s progress from Gai – every Sunday from 11am.
  • Invitation to exclusive events and occasions
  • Individual invoicing  

What are the monthly expenses of owning a horse?

The actual amount varies from month to month depending on whether your horse is in training (and what stage of preparation), pre-training or spelling. However, based on our experience, we can anticipate the yearly costs (and monthly per share) as listed below with trainer Gai Waterhouse:
Based on 8 months training, 4 months spelling

Total Estimated Expenses
Monthly (per 10% share)
Training Fees ($127+GST per day)
Track Fees
Veterinary Costs

How much does it cost to enter a race?

Most races are free to enter, excluding the feature races which are based on a percentage of the stake money available. Jockeys are paid their riding fees by the local governing racing body of each state.

How does a a racehorse earn you money?

Racehorses will earn money two ways. First, any time a horse races he/she may earn a percentage of the stake money. Listed below is an estimated breakdown of the stake money for a $100,000 race:
Stake (value of race)
1st Place (60%)
2nd Place (20%)
3rd Place (10%)
4th Place (5%)
5th Place* (3%)
RTR Financial Race Summary (1st Place)
Jockey Fee (5%)
Trainer Fee (10%)
Stable Fee (5%)
Owners (80%)
*Remaining 2% to be split between the rest of the horses.

Two, in addition to purse earnings, a horse may increase its value by winning certain races and this can be realised if you were to sell a horse privately, or in an auction/sale.

When do stake earnings get distributed?

Stakes earnings are distributed directly to each owner from the racing body of each state – eg Racing NSW. This usually happens three weeks after the race has been contested.

Will I have fun?

Although, we can’t guarantee it, racing will most likely be the most exciting activity you will have been involved in. There is no greater experience than screaming at the top of your lungs as you watch your very own thoroughbred in the home straight trying to win a race.

More questions?

We encourage you to ask us any further questions you may have. Racing a horse should be the most exciting experience of your life.
If you have any questions regarding this website, or you are interested to know more about Round Table Racing, please contact us.